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10 Figures to Better Understand 9/11

The events of September 11th 2001 shocked the world. Today, most of us are aware of how the events unfolded on that Tuesday morning and the main persons related to the attack, however there are a whole host of lesser-known figures who you might not know about. Daniel McWilliams, George Johnson & William “Billy” Eisengrein [...]

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Coney Island 4th of July Celebrations: Fireworks, Roller Coasters & Hotdogs

The 4th of July celebrations on Coney Island are certainly different. Independence Day on Coney Island features one of the most unique (sporting?) competitions in America, beach fun, amusement park thrills and an incredible fireworks display. Coney Island on the fourth of July is a feast for the senses. Nathan’s Famous Before we get onto [...]

A Brief History of Immigration in New York

Beginning in the 17th century when ‘New Amsterdam’ was established as a trading outpost on Manhattan Island in 1626, successive waves of migrants have passed through New York City, in search of a new life in America. Later renamed New York by the British, the city continued to grow throughout a turbulent 18th century establishing [...]

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Why You Should Visit New York City at Least Once in Your Lifetime

New York City draws visitors from all over the world, in 2015, 12.3 million international tourists visited New York. Architecture Undoubtedly, the image of New York City that the majority of people hold in their mind’s eye is of its skyline. If it isn’t the skyline itself, the other image most closely associated with New [...]

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Meet Lady Liberty, New York’s real star

Arguably one of the most iconic symbols of American history,  the Statue of Liberty stands proudly upon Liberty Island in New York Harbor.  Lady Liberty was originally gifted to the US by France in 1886 as a celebration of the common values that united both countries during the French and the American Revolution. What is [...]

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The History Behind “The Big Apple”

Ever wondered why New York City is called “The Big Apple?” The nickname for the bustling city comes from the early 1900’s, and was a slang term at the time. “The Big Apple” was eventually adopted by New York City officially in 1971; and it has been a popular name ever since. Are you ready [...]

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