10 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in New York

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10 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in New York

City Tales

29 January, 2018

If you’re planning something big this Valentine’s Day, why not visit New York City. New York perhaps doesn’t have the same romance pedigree of Paris or Rome, but there are so many amazing things to see and do that make it the perfect city for the Valentine’s Day trip of a lifetime. To give you a little help planning your trip, we’ve made a list of 10 romantic date ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day in New York!

1) The Statue of Liberty

In a city of iconic buildings, there is no building as iconic as The Statue of Liberty. Taking our tour of The Statue of Liberty is a great daytime activity before your big Valentine’s Day meal. Nothing kills the romance like waiting in line, so you’ll be glad to know that our guided tour allows you to skip the line at Ellis Island. The tour includes the Statue of Liberty Museum and a visit to the observation deck inside Lady Liberty. With so much history and incredible vistas of New York, a trip to the Statue of Liberty is a great day trip during Valentine’s Day!

Statue of Liberty in New York City

2) Dinner in the Dark

If you’re looking for a special culinary experience this Valentine’s Day, make sure you visit Camaje for its famous ‘Dinner in the Dark’. Camaje is a French-American restaurant founded by the famous restauranteur Abigail Hitchcock and its ‘Dinner in the Dark’ experience offers diners a four-course meal while completely blindfolded. The food is incredible and the smells, music, and all other sensory information is carefully choreographed by the waiting staff. This is an intense sensory experience, guaranteed to impress! But make sure you book far in advance to avoid disappointment.

3) Visit Times Square

Times Square has just about enough time to recover from its legendary New Year’s Party by the time Valentine’s Day comes along. The square fills up with loved-up couples who have come to the streets of NYC to celebrate their relationship. The Times Square Valentine’s Day celebrations are different every year, but you can expect surprise proposals, heart confetti galore, wedding ceremonies, and wedding vow renewals. If you want to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, then Times Square is the place to be!


4) Romance Under the Stars

Instead of the standard swanky restaurant, why not push the boat out at the American Museum of Natural History’s Rose Center for Earth and Space. This event begins with cocktails, chocolates, and champagne with a live band providing plenty of ambience. Later, you can cuddle with your loved one under the stars in the planetarium as a professional astronomer tells you about the legendary love stories inspired by the cosmos. 

5) Valentine’s Day Concert at the Merchant House 

For lovers of music, there could be nothing better than attending the Love in the Parlor’s concert in the Merchant House. This event is organised by The Bond Street Euterpean Singing Society and it always boasts an impressive line-up of musicians and singers, performing everything from Mozart and Beethoven to Liszt and Debussy. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment. 

6) Get a Cocktail at the Waldorf-Astoria

If you and your partner enjoy a tipple, then cocktails are most certainly on the menu in almost every bar in New York. New York is famous for its cocktails, and no bar is as renowned as the bar in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. This bar has some of the best cocktails in the world and was the birthplace of The Bronx cocktail. It was also the first bar in New York City to serve an Old Fashioned.

cocktails in new york city

7) Visit the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous buildings in the world, and it was the world’s tallest building for a record-breaking 39 years! The building is impressive and the observation deck is the perfect romantic spot for any visitors who want to hold hands and look out over the greatest city in the world! This is a great place for any architectural buffs or for anyone who loves the Art Deco movement. Although it doesn’t have an observation deck that is open to the public, you might also like to visit The Chrysler Building, which is one of the most incredible Art Deco–style buildings in the world!

8) A Romantic Meal at North River Fish Bar

If you and partner love seafood, there could be no venue better than the North River Fish Bar. The restaurant is on a boat that sails along the Hudson River. It’s a fact that seafood tastes better when you’re on a boat… and the views of the city are unlike anything you’ll find on land. Expect fine dining, excellent service, and a champagne toast! 

9) Visit the Museum of Modern Art

If you and your Valentine are art lovers, then a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art in New York is a brilliant way to spend Valentine’s Day daytime, before your big meal in the evening. Or you could opt for the after-hours tour that includes wine and appetizers in a candlelit reception before your guide takes you on an unforgettable tour of the museum. This is the perfect option if you’re looking for something more than just a nice meal this Valentine’s Day. 

10) Take a Walk Through Central Park

We know New York gets pretty cold in winter, but the city is also full of life and beauty at this time of year — especially in Central Park. This huge park is right in the middle of Manhattan and there is something so impressive and uncanny about walking through the trees and seeing huge skyscrapers towering in the distance. A romantic trip to New York simply wouldn’t be complete without a short jaunt through Central Park, and it’s even nicer with a light dusting of snow on the grass and the trees. 


That was our 10 romantic date ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day! We hope a few readers have been inspired to plan their perfect Valentine’s Day in New York City. And if you’re planning any sightseeing tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at City Tales Sightseeing. Plan your next New York adventure today!