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City Tales

19 February, 2018

The Statue of Liberty in New York is one of the most iconic monuments in the world. The statue was originally a gift from France in the 1880s. It was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel. Despite its French origins, the Statue of Liberty is widely regarded as the most recognizable symbol of the United States of America. 

There are many replica statues around the world, each with its own story; this blog post will list seven cities (well… five cities, a town, and a village!) around the world that also have a Statue of Liberty! If this blog post inspires you to see the original article, make sure you take our Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour

1) Visnes, Norway

Visnes is not a city, but it’s the best place to start this list. Visnes is a village on the island of Karmøy on the western coast of Norway. This rural setting may seem like a particularly strange place to build a replica of the Statue of Liberty, but Visnes actually has a very strong connection to the original building: it’s where all of the copper used to make the original structure was mined. Visnes was home to the largest copper mine in Norway, so it exported high-quality copper to the rest of the world. The replica statue is very small, but given that Visnes only has a population of 569, this replica feels about the right size!

The Statue of Liberty in Visnes, Norway.

(Image source: Wikipedia)

2) Paris, France

Paris actually has three replicas of the Statue of Liberty! The most famous of the three, however, is the replica on the Île aux Cygnes. It was given to France by the United States in 1889, three years after the French presented the US with the original Statue of Liberty. This replica was given to France in celebration of the French Revolution and it is widely regarded as the true counterpart to the original. In 1937, the statue was turned from its eastward direction to face New York!

3) Billund, Denmark

Billund is famous around the world for being the home of Lego, one of the most popular and long-lived children’s toys of all time. Billund is also home of the original Legoland and it has a particularly large (considering it’s made from Lego) replica of the Statue of Liberty! The Billund Lego Statue of Liberty has become a very popular tourist attraction and is well worth a visit!

The Lego Statue of Liberty in Biliund, Denmark.

(Image Source: Marcin Wichary, Flickr)

4) Webster, Massachusetts, the US

Webster in Massachusetts isn’t very well known, so its replica of the Statue of Liberty is often overlooked by history enthusiasts. There is a replica of lady liberty painted gold on the edge of the town’s lake. This one is worth visiting if just to hear one of the locals pronounce the name of the lake correctly - Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg!

5) Las Vegas, the US

The Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas is perhaps the most famous replica in the world — arguably even more famous than the official counterpart in Paris! This is perhaps because Las Vegas’s replica is half of the size, making it bigger than most of the other replicas. Las Vegas’s iconic replica presides over fake sky scrappers and other New York–style buildings. This replica is one of the city’s main attractions, along with its replicas of Rome’s Colosseum and Egyptian Pyramids. 

6) Birmingham, Alabama, the US

This replica of the Statue of Liberty in Birmingham, Alabama, is a fifth the size of the original and is made from bronze. But what makes it special is that it was cast in the same foundry in France in which the original copper Statue of Liberty was made. This replica stands on top of a 60-foot pedestal overlooking the city’s beautiful Liberty Park. 

Statue of Liberty in Birmingham, Alabama.

(Image source: Wikipedia)

7) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In Rio de Janerio, there is a replica of the Statue of Liberty made from nickel. It was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor behind the original statue and it was commissioned in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Republic of Brazil. As this replica was actually designed Bartholdi, some may hold it up as the most authentic, most important replica of all!

The Statue of Liberty is New York’s most iconic landmark, welcoming millions of tourists each year. With the statue’s interesting history and iconic look, it’s not surprising to see so many replicas around the world! Please get in touch if you have any questions about our Statue of Liberty tour or one of our other New York City tours. Let us help you plan your next New York adventure! 

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