City Tales

City Tales

30 January, 2018

There are some who really dislike the idea of living in a busy city such as New York, and there are others who are drawn to it. There’s a saying about big cities; you’ll hear that they’ll ’eat you up’ or ‘grind you down’, but I think if you take the time to relax and enjoy what the city has to offer, you’ll find this is a great place to call home.

I thought it would be interesting to give an insight into an average day in the life of a New Yorker…


Born and raised in Brooklyn where my family has lived for the past 133 years, I’m lucky enough to still call this borough home. Brooklyn has some fantastic neighborhoods, each with their own distinct style and flavors, and it’s well worth spending some time exploring the area. If I haven’t made a pot at home I’ll stop by one of Brooklyn’s many coffeehouses such as The Iris Cafe in Brooklyn Heights. 


Some of you may know already, but for those of you who don’t, I’m a bit of a history buff. I’ve got a history degree and enjoy supplementing my knowledge of New York City and the U.S. in general. Luckily for us New Yorkers our city is home to some of the finest museums in the country and if I have the time I’ll spend some it at one of them. Be aware: It is very easy to lose track of time in the Museum of Natural History in Central Park so don’t plan on doing too much in one day!



Anyone who lives in a city will know what I mean when I say time spent in the park is never wasted time! It’s a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and the perfect place to relax with the family or with friends. 

There are a number of parks dotted throughout the five boroughs of New York City but some of the nicest (though often busiest) are located in Manhattan. Central Park is as iconic as the Empire State Building, and as I said, is also home to some great museums and galleries. Battery Park located at the southern tip of Manhattan is another of New York City’s parks I’ll often visit. It grants great views of The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island which is a bonus. 



Although the crowds on the metro can become tiresome, something that I never tire of doing is enjoying the views of the city from the top of one of New York’s many skyscrapers or rooftop bars. There are plenty of viewpoints to choose from but undoubtedly the best view is from the top of the tallest building in the western hemisphere - The Observatory at One World Trade Center. Be sure to check it out when you visit New York City.


If you are planning on visiting New York City in the future and would be interested in learning about the sights from a local, we would be happy to show you around.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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