New York in January

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New York in January

City Tales

19 December, 2017

January can be a bit of a miserable month, and many people beat the January blues by taking a short vacation. A trip to a new city is a great thing to look forward to at the start of the New Year, so we thought we’d tell you what New York City is like in January!

New York Weather in January

Like most other cities in the Northern Hemisphere, January is the coldest month of the year for New York. The good news is that daytime temperature usually sit above freezing — at around 35°F to 39°F (3°C to 5°C), so it’s not too cold to get out and explore the city’s numerous parks, shops, and skyscrapers. At night, however, the temperature dips to around 25°F to 29°F (-2°C to -3°C), so you will definitely need to wrap up warm! 

Landscape picture of New York in January

Although New York is chilly in January, it actually gets around 17 bright, sunny days, which makes it ideal for tourists. There is usually some rain and snow throughout the month, but nothing the local drainage systems can’t handle. All in all, New York is cold in January, but it mostly keeps above freezing, and it has lots of sunny or partly sunny days, which makes it a great city to visit in January!

You Can Still See the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

If you’re visiting New York in the first week of January, then you’ll be able to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree. This 70ft baubled behemoth stays up until the 7th of January and it is lit up from 5.30am until midnight. You’ll find it right in the middle of the Rockefeller Center, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and West 48th and 52st Streets. Beside it, you’ll also find an ice rink open to the public!

Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York

Image Source: (Flickr)

New York’s Winter Antiques Show

If you’re interested in antiques, the Winter Antiques Show is held from January 19–28. This is the 64th New York Winter Antiques Show and it’s unquestionably the country’s biggest, most prestigious antique show. You’ll find the show in the Park Avenue Armory, which is on Park Avenue at 67th Street. Even if you don’t think you’ll buy anything, there is so much history at the antiques show that you’re sure to be entertained. You can buy a ticket for just $25, and this also includes a 270–page catalog. 

Take a Tour of the World Trade Center Area

Open in January, our World Trade Center Area Tour takes you on a two-hour walking tour of the World Trade Center area, including the 9/11 Memorial, Fireman’s Memorial, and the incredible new Oculus. There is so much to learn about the construction of the original World Trade Center, the bravery of the New Yorkers who fought to save people’s lives during the 9/11 crisis, and the resilience of the city in the aftermath of the attack. This tour offers an in-depth look at one of the city’s most important areas with headsets for each guest so that they can clearly hear the guide. 

One-world-trade-center-january-new-york (1).jpg

Visit the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is also open in January, and we offer a fantastic Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour that ensures you have a well-curated, informative, and enjoyable trip to New York City’s most famous landmark! Our guides are locals with the inside scoop on the history of the Statue of Liberty, and they will provide you with stories via your headset as you explore Lady Liberty and the surrounding island. 

New York City is great at any time of year, but it’s especially nice during the winter. So, January is a great time to visit! Please get in touch if you have any questions about what New York is like in January or if you have any questions about our range of New York tours. Plan your next big trip to the Big Apple today!

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