Statue of Liberty Facts

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Statue of Liberty Facts

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5 October, 2017

Fun Facts about The Statue of Liberty

  • Crown and Face There are 7 rays on Lady Liberty’s crown. Seven rays for seven continents. Each ray is 9 ft. long.
  • There are broken shackles at the feet of the statue of liberty. They stand for oppression and tyranny.
  • The face of the statue of liberty is 8 feet tall.
  • There are 162 steps from the pedestal level observation deck to the head on the Statue of Liberty.
  • The copper covering on the Statue of Liberty is the thickness of 2 U.S. pennies (3/32 of an inch).
  • Her waistline is 35 feet.
  • The light green color of the statue is due to natural weathering and oxidization.
  • There are 25 windows in the crown.
  • On the Tablet July 4th 1776 is inscribed which is the date of the American Declaration of Independence.
  • Two replicas of the Statue of Liberty are located in Paris France. There is one Statue in the Jardin du Luxemborg, and another near the Grenelle Bridge.
  • A third replica resides in the birthplace of Auguste Bartholdi in Colmar, region Alsace.

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Liberty Island Manhattan, New York City

What is the height of the Statue of Liberty?
The statue alone: 151 feet 1 inch (46 meters)


What is the height of Lady Liberty from the ground?
The tip of the torch stands 305 ft. 1 inch (101.67 meters) above the island

How Much does The Statue of Liberty Weigh?
Total Weight of the Statue of Liberty is 225 tons (450,000 pounds)

When Was the Statue of Liberty dedicated?
Dedicated     October 28, 1886

When was the Statue of liberty restored?
The Statue was restored three times.     1938, 1984–1986, 2011–2012

Who Sculpted the Statue of Liberty?
Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi sculpted the Statue of Liberty


How many visitors does Lady Liberty get?
Visitors     3.2 million (in 2009)

What is the history of the Statue of Liberty?
The Statue of Liberty was a gift that France gave to America in 1886

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