Top 10 Films Featuring the Statue of Liberty

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Top 10 Films Featuring the Statue of Liberty

City Tales

23 August, 2017

Top 10 Films Featuring the Statue of Liberty

As well as a structure, The Statue of Liberty is widely recognised as a symbol of hope and new beginnings. As such, Lady Liberty has made it into a number of feature and documentary films.

Here is City Tales Sightseeing’s countdown of the  top 10 films that feature The Statue of Liberty.

10. The Statue of Liberty (1985)

Starting with a documentary film, The Statue of Liberty is a film from Ken Burns that covers the entire history of The Statue of Liberty as well as the meaning of ‘liberty’ itself. The film is narrated by the Pulitzer Prize winning historian David McCullough and includes cameo appearances from Mario Cuomo, Ray Charles, Carolyn Forché and James Baldwin.

9. Ghostbusters II (1989)

The sole comedy film on our list, Ghostbusters II makes the list mainly because of Bill Murray but also because of that scene where a walking Lady Liberty helps take down the bad guy.

8. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The Day After Tomorrow featured some spectacular visuals that pushed the CGI capabilities of the day to the limit. Rising sea levels, destructive storms, tsunamis, and rapidly changing weather patterns (if a little scientifically inaccurate) remind the viewer of the very real effects of climate change.

7. X-Men (2000)

In terms of epic showdowns in NYC, the scenes from X-Men featuring The Statue of Liberty are up there with King Kong & The Empire State as some of the best. The first instalment of the popular franchise from Marvel comics features the Statue of Liberty quite heavily.

6. Inside Job (2010)

The second documentary film on our list looks at the events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. Inside Jobfeatures interviews with some of the key financial insiders as well as politicians and academics.

5. Escape From New York (1981)

A slightly depressing vision of an America where crime is out of control and Manhattan Island is one big maximum security prison, enclosed by a large ‘containment wall’. Escape From New York is a healthy dose of 80’s ridiculousness from New York native John Carpenter, director of Halloween.

4. Saboteur (1942)

Falsely accused, a man travels across the country in an attempt to clear his name, outing a group of fascist-supporting saboteurs along the way. Saboteur features one of the best known scenes set on The Statue of Liberty.

3. Titanic (1997)

En-route to New York from Southampton the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank within 3 hours. In the film, The Statue of Liberty is seen by Rose towards the end of the film and is intended to symbolise hope for the future.

2. Planet of the Apes (1968)

The Statue of Liberty features in both versions of Planet of the Apes but the most famous image is of Charlton Heston coming across the destroyed upper section of Lady Liberty and realising he has been on earth all along.

1. The Godfather: Part 2 (1974)

Considered by many to be the best film of the trilogy, The Godfather: Part 2 reveals more of Vito Andolini’s backstory including his arrival in New York Harbor in 1901. An incredible film with many beautifully constructed and artistic shots, including the famous scene where the incoming migrants rush to the side of the boat to look at Lady Liberty in New York Harbor. These scenes give an idea of what it might have been like for the millions of immigrants who passed through New York Harbor and Ellis Island.

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