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9/11 Memorial and World Trade Center Tour with Optional 9/11 Museum Ticket

Tour the World Trade Center Area with the 9/11 Memorial, Fireman's Memorial and visit the Oculus!

See the 9/11 Memorial, St. Paul’s Chapel, The Fireman’s Memorial, The Oculus, and Brookfield Place. See the reconstruction of the World Trade Center up close.  Your guide will show you some of the other beautiful works of rememberance at the World Trade Center and highlight how the new buildings at the World Trade Center have been designed and constructed to serve as part of the 9/11 Memorial which stands at their center.


  • See How The World Trade Center Buildings Are a Part of The 9/11 Memorial
  • Visit the 9/11 Memorial & See Other Beautiful Memorials in The Area.

Why You Should Go

This guided visit to the World Trade Center will take you through the history of the World Trade Center, starting with the construction of the complex in the 1960's, through the events of September 11th and what followed, then into the current stages of reconstruction. You’ll start at St. Paul’s Chapel, one of NYC’s oldest structures which miraculously survived the attacks of September 11th and went on to play a critical role in the months that followed.

You’ll visit the Fireman’s Memorial, a giant bronze plaque that remembers the sacrifice of the FDNY and you’ll see a beautiful and striking memorial dedicated by American Express to the 11 employees they lost on September 11th.

Fireman's Memorial at World Trade Center

Of course, you’ll visit 9/11 Memorial Plaza and visit the twin reflecting pools that serve as our national memorial to the events that took place that day. Your guide will explain all of the details and symbolism that the artists used in creating the design.

During this visit you’ll get a detailed look at the new buildings and see that they are more than just beautiful, modern skyscrapers, because the concept behind the design of the new World Trade Center is focused on the memorial that stands at its center. Your guide will explain that concept and show you how the architects incorporated striking, thoughtful and symbolic visual elements into their buildings that make them part of the 9/11 Memorial itself.

You’ll visit the Oculus, a new 4 billion dollar structure with its own symbolic design which also serves as the centerpiece of NYC’s newest and 3rd largest transportation hub. It also anchors the Westfield Mall which is helping to drive the economic resurgence of Lower Manhattan.

Oculus Inside World Trade Center

You can choose to end your tour outside on the 9/11 Memorial Plaza or add an admission ticket to the National September 11th Museum. Whatever you choose you’ll leave with a much deeper understanding of the World Trade Center.


Personal Guide

9/11 Museum Admission



One World Observatory Admission NOT included.

Please Note

Duration of the walking tour only is approximately 2 hours.  Entry to the 9/11 Museum follows the 2-hour walking tour.  Guests should allow an additional approximately 2 hours for a visit to the 9/11 Museum.  The 9/11 Museum visit is self-guided.  The guide does not enter the museum with the group.  Guests entering either the museum or observatory will be required to pass through a security screening please do not bring any dangerous or questionable items. 

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