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SoHo is a New York City neighborhood known for gorgeous architecture, fabulous shopping, and delicious food. When it comes to deciding what to do in SoHo, this neighborhood offers great variety. As the center of all things chic and trendy in New York, SoHo is not one to be missed! Pro Tip: SoHo stands for South of Houston. To sound like a true New Yorker, pronounce Houston “HOW-ston.”


SoHo is famous for its buildings’ stunning cast-iron facades, most of which were constructed during the late 19th century as a cheaper alternative to marble and granite. To preserve the beautiful architecture, in 1973, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission officially designated the neighborhood as the “SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District.”

To see some of the most impressive examples of the stately cast-iron facades, visit the Haughwout Building at 490 Broadway, and the Roosevelt Building at 478 Broadway. Don’t forget to look up as you walk around in order to not miss out on these architectural gems!


Looking to turn up the glam? SoHo is home to many high-end retailers from across the world, including Tiffany & Co, Prada, Celine, Balmain, and even Bloomingdales!

What really sets SoHo apart from other shopping neighborhoods are the boutiques. Many local artisans have set up shop in SoHo and sell one-of-a-kind items that you can’t buy anywhere else in the world. One such store is The Hat Shop(opens in a new tab) at 120 Thompson St. Run by Linda Pagan. The shop sells its own label as well a spectacular assortment of hats created by 15 other local milliners.


SoHo streets are lined with cute restaurants and cafes ranging from Balthazar(opens in a new tab), where you will frequently spot celebrities, to Jack’s Wife Freda(opens in a new tab), which is a local secret for casual dining. SoHo is also home to Attaboy(opens in a new tab), which is widely regarded as the best speakeasy in NYC.

Perhaps SoHo’s biggest food-draw is Dominique Ansel Bakery(opens in a new tab). In 2013, inside their tiny SoHo shop, the bakery debuted the famous Cronut, which as the name indicates is a cross between a decadent croissant and a delicious donut. The world went wild for cronuts, and to this day, you will still find a line of locals and tourists alike hoping to snag this creative confection!

Looking for more local SoHo secrets? Join us today on either our all-day(opens in a new tab) or custom tour.(opens in a new tab)

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