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Art Exhibits to Visit in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York is a dream for avid art fans. The popular NYC borough offers cutting-edge modern art as well as classic collections. Sculpture, photography, painting, prints, and even street art are all prominently showcased in Brooklyn art exhibits.

Williamsburg Art Galleries

Amongst Brooklyn art exhibits, Williamsburg art galleries are often considered some of the best. A standout is Carvalho Park. This gallery was founded by Jennifer Carvalho and Se Yoon Park. The two had very different backgrounds. Carvalho trained as a prima ballerina at the School of American Ballet. Park began his career in architecture. Carvalho founded the Preludes Projects Fund in New York, which “facilitates new and necessary ideas between the visual and performing art disciplines, by way of commissioned works, special projects, and artists residencies.” It was through this that she met Park. In 2019, they opened Carvalho Park, a gallery that aims to shine a light on emerging artists that challenge and reconsider the distinction between artistic disciplines.

A trip to the gallery could include a stunning array of visual art, as well as performances such as new choreographic works and sound pieces. Carvalho said in an interview with Artspace, that the performance closest to her heart are “those in which we invite visual artists, a composer and choreographer to set a total work in the gallery space.” Needless to say, Carvalho Park has done a brilliant job taking advantage of the city’s abundant talent and creativity, to become a paragon of Williamsburg art galleries.

DUMBO Art Galleries

When conversing about Brooklyn art galleries, you’re bound to hear about A.I.R. A.I.R is one of many DUMBO art galleries, but stands out due to its mission statement. A.I.R. is “a permanent exhibition space that supports an open exchange of ideas and risk-taking women artists in order to provide support and visibility.”

A.I.R. was founded in 1972, by Susan Williams and Barbara Zucker. They created a group of what would become twenty female co-founders that would champion female artists for the next forty years, with plans to continue for at least forty more!

Their rotating exhibitions are sure to both challenge and dazzle you. A.I.R. also features workshops and lectures to expand the way you think about art, and view the world, through a feminist lens. Check out their website to see what is being offered when you visit, and RSVP, if

Brooklyn Museum

It’s hard to top the Brooklyn Museum when talking about Brooklyn art exhibits. The Brooklyn Museum’s permanent collection rivals that of the Met. A walk through the Brooklyn Museum will showcase the works of Mark Rothko, Norman Rockwell, and Georgia O’Keeffe, as well as an impressive collection of art from ancient Egypt.

In addition to their permanent collection, the Brooklyn Museum also has a rotation of featured exhibitions. These can range from a collection of Monet, to Andy Warhol, to living artists, such as Baseera Khan.

Khan’s upcoming exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum is called “Baseera Khan: I Am an Archive.” In this exhibit, Khan uses her own body to explore the intersections of Muslim and American identity, including, “surveillance, cultural exploitation, anti-blackness, and xenophobia.” The exhibit will consist of drawings, photographs, textiles, collages, installations, and video.

A beautiful thing about Brooklyn art exhibits is that a museum with one of the world’s largest collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world can also present some of the most cutting-edge art being made today. Make sure you take a trip to Brooklyn and experience it all for yourself! If it’s your first time in New York City, we recommend you complete your Brooklyn trip with our small group tour of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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