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New York City is home to 8.5 million people and over 500,000 dogs. With so many canine companions, there have to be a lot of dog-friendly places in NYC. There are dog-friendly restaurants, dog-friendly bars, and dog-friendly parks! Here are a few favorites that New Yorkers frequent.


When visiting New York, it’s tricky to find dog-friendly restaurants. NYC sadly doesn’t allow pets inside restaurants. Still, New Yorkers love their dogs so many restaurants have dog-friendly patios. For example, The Barking Dog, which has locations both in Hell’s Kitchen and Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The Barking Dog has dog-friendly patios lined with green turf so your fur-baby won’t feel resigned to hard pavement. The Barking dog offers delicious human food, including giant juicy burgers and truffle fries. When the friendly waitstaff serves the human food, they’ll also bring some treats for your pup! Your dog will beg you to come to this dog-friendly restaurant in NYC.

Another one of the dog-friendly restaurants NYC has to offer is The Wilson NYC. The Wilson enthusiastically welcomes dogs, and also has a fancy menu just for your canine companion! This dog-friendly menu includes a 16-ounce Ribeye Steak, pan-roasted salmon, and grilled chicken breast. The Wilson is also extremely photogenic. If you’re looking to transform your dog into an Instagram celebrity, the Wilson is the pinnacle of dog-friendly restaurants NYC serves up.


Lucky Dog is one of the most chill dog-friendly bars NYC possesses. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Lucky Dog is a quintessential dive bar with a good beer selection. Bring your pup, and drink a cold beer on the back patio on a hot summer day.

Dog & Bone is another of a handful of dog-friendly bars with a British twist that New York City is home to. This gastropub offers food and drink with an English vibe. You can head to Dog & Bone for beers, cocktails, and even boozy ice cream floats! There’s a dartboard, and the televisions often play football and rugby matches. More importantly, Dog and Bone has a dog-friendly sidewalk cafe that stretches into a pedestrian plaza. Dog & Bone was inspired by an English bulldog named Winston, so naturally, it welcomes all dogs with delightful hospitality!

One of the dog-friendly bars NYC locals love (and wish to keep secret, so don’t tell them we told you) is Tom and Jerry’s. Tom & Jerry’s is known for a great wine and beer collection, as well as happy hour specials. Tom and Jerry’s is a cash-only establishment, so make sure to hit the ATM before you go. Dogs are welcome in this laid-back atmosphere.


Brooklyn has some of the hippest neighborhoods in New York City. As you can imagine, it follows that some of the city’s hippest dog parks are the dog parks in Brooklyn.
The Kensington Dog Run in Prospect Park has a water fountain for dogs, lots of space to frolic, high fences, and turf for a grassy feel year-round! Dogs can play in either a small or large dog area. Kensington Dog Run is definitely one of the most luxurious dog parks in Brooklyn.

Those hoping for sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline will want to check out the Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park. The Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park is a delightful area for your pet to grab some off-leash exercise while you marvel at the expansive view. You can even see the Statue of Liberty far off in the distance! The Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park is perhaps the most picturesque of the dog parks in Brooklyn.

McCarren Park is another noteworthy dog park in Brooklyn. Dogs and humans alike love Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Williamsburg has great shopping, great food, great nightlife as well as being family-friendly. McCarren Park, located in Williamsburg, is one of the most pleasant dog parks in Brooklyn. McCarren Park offers water for pups and shady seating for the owners. It’s clean and well-maintained, making the park a pleasant experience for all.

So if you find yourself in New York City with a furry friend, fear not, there’s plenty of dog-friendly places you’ll both enjoy! And while you’re here, why not get to know the city better on one of our walking tours of NYC?

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