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Looking for things to see in Manhattan? Among the most unusual things to do in New York are to come face-to-face with a Tyrannosaurus rex(opens in a new tab), walk underneath a 21,000 pound Blue Whale(opens in a new tab), and witness the birth of the universe. If these activities intrigue you, then the American Museum of Natural History(opens in a new tab) is one of the best sights in New York for those curious to learn about the world around them. Many may not know that the AMNH is the largest natural history museum in the world!

T-rex the Ultimate Predator

Possibly the most iconic apex predator in history, the Tyrannosaurus rex has captivated the human imagination for generations. The AMNH has put together a brand-new interactive exhibit (opens in a new tab)that will allow you to meet the entire Tyrannosaur superfamily throughout every stage of its life. Many visitors will be surprised to learn the T. rex had humble beginnings, starting out very small, and was covered in feathers! A baby T. rex may have actually looked like a baby chicken! In addition to life-sized models, you will also be delighted by casts as well as fossils of this fearsome carnivore.

Blue Whale

What is 94 feet long, weighs 21,000 pounds, and takes 3 full days to clean? That would be the fiberglass recreation of a blue whale that debuted at the AMNH in 1969. The model was originally based on a photo of a dead whale taken in 1925. As scientists came to learn more about the animal’s anatomy, the AMNH adjusted the model accordingly. They redesigned the blowhole and tapered the tail. As Melanie Staissny, the lead curator of the renovation(opens in a new tab) explained: “Even though men had walked on the Moon, little was known about what blue whales looked like in their natural Habitat.”

Hayden Big Bang Theatre

The centerpiece of the Rose Center for Earth and Space(opens in a new tab) is the Hayden Sphere, the upper half of which houses the Hayden Planetarium(opens in a new tab). Take a seat inside the 429-seat theatre and marvel at hyper-realistic views of stars, planets, nebulae, and even galaxies! The lower half of the sphere is the Hayden Big Bang Theatre(opens in a new tab), where you can take a dynamic virtual flight through the universe, and even see its birth! You will also be introduced to “dark energy” and its many mysteries which inevitably influence our universe!

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