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Midtown’s Local-Favorite Eateries

Visitors to New York are forever searching for the tastiest Midtown restaurants. From delicious diners to BBQ grills and noodle bars, Midtown truly has something for everyone. As local New Yorkers ourselves, we are excited to share our favorite dining secrets in this awesome area — bon appétit!

Midtown Diners

Midtown diners are as much a part of NYC as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.

A local favorite is Junior’s(opens in a new tab). Junior’s dates back to 1929 and the Rosen family, who famously owned the restaurant, changed the name to the iconic Junior’s in 1950. Legend has it that the owners created the world’s most delicious cheesecake using a recipe that had been in the Rosen family for three generations. To this day, many New Yorkers claim that Junior’s serves up the best NYC cheesecake, with many touting it to be the best in the world. Every trip to New York City should include a slice of Junior’s cheesecake!

In addition to cheesecake, Junior’s also features a wide variety of soups, sandwiches, salads, and more. On a cold day, Junior’s matzoh ball soup will warm you right up. Their ice cream sodas and milkshakes will also delight those from ages 1 to 100+.

If you’re looking for Midtown diners that serve traditional America pancakes, check out the Galaxy Diner(opens in a new tab). Like most diners featured in movies and television shows, Galaxy Diner offers a huge menu with tremendous variety. Items on their menu include pancakes, omelets, Reuben sandwiches, gyros, burgers, salads, baguettes, Philly steak sandwiches, veggie wraps, lobster ravioli, spaghetti bolognese, sauteed flounder, lamb chops, BBQ ribs, quesadillas, and more! Variety is a wonderful thing about Midtown diners as you can truly find absolutely anything you want to eat.

Midtown BBQ

Mighty Quinn’s(opens in a new tab) is one of the tastiest Midtown BBQ restaurants and is consistently ranked among the best BBQ in NYC. Mighty Quinn’s offers a variety of succulent BBQ meats and sandwiches (their brisket sandwich will make you cry it is so delicious.)

What makes NYC truly special is its diversity. Do what locals do and don’t just consider US-style BBQ, broaden your horizons with Japanese cuisine and churrascaria.

Gyu-Kaku(opens in a new tab) is a Japanese BBQ restaurant in Midtown. In the middle of the table is a mini charcoal grill. Your table orders raw meat to cook on top of this grill to your liking. The food is delicious and makes for a great night out amongst friends and family. This restaurant also makes for a perfect date spot! Since Japanese BBQ is so interactive, kids with a more adventurous palette will also love the experience.

Fogo de Chão(opens in a new tab) is a delicious Brazilian churrascaria. Churrascaria comes from the Portuguese word “churrasco,” which roughly translates to BBQ. The dining experience typically includes waiters who wander through the restaurants with giant skewers of meat. The waiters will serve the meat directly from the skewer onto the diner’s plate until you decide you’ve had enough. It’s truly a unique and fun experience for friends and family.

Midtown Noodle Bars

Momofuku Noodle Bar(opens in a new tab) is the best-known Midtown noodle bar. Slurp delicious ramen that will warm you up on a chilly day. Make sure to check out the pork belly buns and kimchi.

Totta Ramen(opens in a new tab) in Hell’s Kitchen is one of the best Midtown West restaurants, and it serves up what many locals consider to be the best ramen in NYC.

Koreatown offers a delicious assortment of Midtown noodle bars. Manhattan’s Koreatown is centered around 32nd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. Three Midtown noodle bars to try on 32nd street are Noona Noodle(opens in a new tab), Udon Lab(opens in a new tab), and Koku Ramen(opens in a new tab).

Local Secrets

Ninth Avenue is full of Midtown restaurants that locals love and New Yorkers will often search for tasty eateries between 42nd and 59th street. On this stretch, and whether you want macrobiotic vegan tacos or a delicious steak, you can find virtually any type of food, and locals will just dip into a restaurant whose vibe they love. After sunset, the area comes alive with fun busy bars, and noisy nightlife. To truly experience Midtown like a local, visit Ninth Avenue and eat at the restaurants locals love.

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