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Our Dazzling Selection of Rooftop Experiences

The incredible array of rooftop bars and restaurants in NYC provide locals and visitors alike with one-of-a-kind experiences. Rooftop bars offer stunning views, sumptuous cocktails, and even an extra special rooftop dinner NYC experience. To make sure you don’t get scammed by a tourist trap(opens in a new tab), City Tales has compiled a list of our favorite rooftop restaurants!

Serra by Birreria

New York rooftop dinners don’t get much better than Serra by Birreria(opens in a new tab). This rustic Italian restaurant has a menu that reflects the seasons and ensures all ingredients are fresh. In fact, many of Serra’s ingredients are sourced from the nearby Union Square Greenmarket(opens in a new tab). This makes the rustic Italian meals at Serra the perfect New York rooftop dining experience.

The food is rivaled only by the lush decor. Each season, Serra makes headlines when it debuts the new decorations and in the spring and summer, bright vibrant florals create a canopy over diner’s heads. In fall, the restaurant evokes leaves changing color in the Italian countryside, and in the winter, the rooftop becomes an illuminated (and heated) winter wonderland. The atmosphere makes Serra one of the best rooftop restaurants NYC has to offer. It is also a photographer’s dream, so if you are looking for a rooftop bar for stunning photos, book a table here.

Serra by Birreria is located at 200 Fifth Avenue and reservations are strongly recommended.

230 Fifth

Anyone who mentions the best New York happy hour will say 230 Fifth(opens in a new tab). Happy hour runs Monday to Friday from 2 pm until 5 pm offering deals on drinks and light bites, as well as some of the most stunning views that NYC has to offer. While sipping your frozen margarita or a refreshing beer, you’ll be almost face-to-face Empire State Building.

This bar is one of NYC’s larger rooftop restaurants and has a very hip and happening feel. They host a number of live events and occasionally, the venue is so popular that they have started offering “skip-the-line” tickets for peak times.

230 Fifth is located at 230 Fifth Avenue. Reservations are only available with a minimum spend. Walk-ins are encouraged.

One Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

For the best views of Manhattan, head to Brooklyn! The roof of One Hotel Brooklyn Bridge(opens in a new tab) is home to Harriet’s Rooftop. Enjoy local beers and sustainable wines while staring at the Manhattan skyline and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Light bites are available made with fresh seasonal ingredients.

One Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is located at 60 Furman Street. Reservations are accepted but not required.

Pier 17 The Greens

One of the best rooftop restaurants NYC has to offer is The Greens at Pier 17(opens in a new tab). This dining experience offers sweeping views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River. The best part? This rooftop has divided its outdoor space into mini lawns that can be reserved for you and your friends!

Pier 17 has both a summer and winter look. In the summer, the lawns have lounge chairs placed atop plush green imitation grass. Giant beach umbrellas shade you from the sun and coolers keep your beverages icy. In the winter, glass huts, or igloos, line the rooftop. They have doors that can be swung open or kept shut to give your party privacy. Heaters and air filters ensure you stay toasty while enjoying a delicious rooftop dinner. Try the fondue for a warm tasty treat.

Pier 17 the Green is located at 89 South Street and reservations are strongly recommended.

Observation Deck Restaurants

Don’t be fooled by those who tell you NYC observatories(opens in a new tab) are tourist traps you should avoid. They offer the most awe-inspiring views of the city and many boast stellar restaurants.

One World Observatory offers One Dine(opens in a new tab), an elevated dining experience with a menu specially curated to offer seasonal dishes. With a view of more than 1250 feet in the sky, One Dine offers a rooftop dinner NYC experience like no other!

Another must-try rooftop restaurant is The Edge’s Peak NYC(opens in a new tab). The restaurant overlooks the building’s outdoor observation deck and serves one of the most elegant rooftop dinners NYC has to offer.

Bonus: After dining at these restaurants, you are free to explore the respective observation decks – it’s a two-in-one experience.

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