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How It Started

This residential neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn has a more suburban feel than the rest of the Big Apple. In 1985, Lucy Spata (said to have begun Brooklyn’s holiday light spectacular) moved to Dyker Heights and brought the Christmas spirit with her. To honor her mother’s magical decorating traditions, Spata began putting glowing angel figurines in her front yard. Since then, her display has grown larger and larger each year, drawing huge crowds from all over the world to stare in wonder. Her neighbors have also become inspired and these days the whole place joins in on the festive fun.

How It’s Going

A walk through Dyker Heights at Christmas showcases houses covered with holiday lights, decorations, ornaments and even statues. Some residences have chosen themes for their decorations, such as Sesame Street, or the Grinch. Kid’s faces always light up with absolute glee, especially when they see an illuminated Oscar the Grouch! One house showcases a giant inflatable snowman that sends explosions of foam snow over passersby! One especially fun display features a giant Santa figurine, whose mouth syncs up to holiday tunes. The addition of Christmas lights to music really brings this area to life, it looks like he is actually crooning the melodies!

Dyker Heights 2020

Usually, bus-loads of tourists come to marvel at the Dyker Heights Christmas lights. This year it will be the locals who will enjoy a spacious stroll through the magical illuminations. Everyone who ventures to this holiday haven is expected to be respectful, making sure to stay masked and socially distanced. We can confidently say, even in a global pandemic, the lights did not disappoint. They are a joy for kids, from ages 1 to 100+. Treat yourself to some holiday cheer in Dyker Heights and oh, while you’re there, make sure to support local businesses. We recommend Tasty Pastry, for some of the best Italian desserts in the five boroughs!

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