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A visit to the Statue of Liberty(opens in a new tab) is atop most people’s list of places to see in New York City.  So we’re often asked how do you get to the Statue of Liberty? If you want the best view of the Statue of Liberty, the boat cruises are where you’ll find it. There are many boat cruises around the Statue but only one company is allowed to dock on the island itself: Statue Cruises(opens in a new tab).

Many guests also wonder: can you go inside the Statue of Liberty? Yes, you can!

The Pedestal & The Crown

Pedestal or Crown access tickets will do the trick but you need to plan ahead. A limited number of each are available daily, they are NEVER available on Liberty Island and can sell out up to six months in advance!

Pedestal tickets allow you access to the top of the granite base, just below her feet where you’ll enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of Manhattan’s skyline.

Crown tickets get you access to an additional 162 steps to the top of the Statue of Liberty’s crown for a birds-eye view.(opens in a new tab)

If tickets to go inside the statue are sold out, just visiting the grounds is a unique experience, you’ll experience a complete view of Lady Liberty and get incredible photos of the Statue of Liberty from the island.

Ellis Island

Included with all tickets are the Statue of Liberty Museum(opens in a new tab) and admission to Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum(opens in a new tab) where you’ll learn about America’s immigration history and the millions of people who passed through its doors. Some exhibits are even geared specifically to kids, so Ellis Island is great for the whole family!

If you are venturing to Liberty Island on your own, make sure you purchase your ticket(opens in a new tab) ahead of time.

Opt for a Guided Tour

The alternative to going on your own is a guided tour(opens in a new tab) with the benefits of a knowledgeable guide to save you time while entertaining you with stories about New York City’s history including the first aquarium, and the glorious American debut of Swedish opera star Jenny Lind which took place in Battery Park where you’ll depart for the Statue of Liberty.

Learn more about our small group and private tours(opens in a new tab) here.

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