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Why Visit The Statue Of Liberty Museum Exhibit

June 7, 2016

When it comes to museums some people enjoy taking their time going through them. Others have a more high-level of interest in hitting the headlines and highlights.  Some people have children, who need to be kept entertained and engaged, some are just trying to get in as much as possible during their visit to New York. Whichever category you fall into, when you visit the Statue of Liberty you should not miss the museum.

The museum is included with your Crown and/or Pedestal entry ticket.  It’s not extremely large but it has a lot of information that will compliment your visit to the Statue of Liberty as it answers the questions that people usually have about the Statue of Liberty, including:

  • How Big Is The Statue of Liberty?
  • How Much Does the Statue of Liberty Weigh?
  • What Is The Statue of Liberty Made Of?
  • Why Is The Statue of Liberty Green?
  • Who Built The Statue of Liberty?
  • How Much Did The Statue of Liberty Cost?

When you enter the pedestal you will see the Statue of Liberty Torch Exhibit, be sure to look at the detail in the design and, of course, take advantage of this great photo opportunity.

On the left of the main stairs you will see another smaller staircase that will take you into the the entrance of the museum.  Among the things inside the museum are:

1. A Full Size Reproduction of Lady Liberty’s Face

It stands at the entrance of the Statue of Liberty Exhibit it is; 8 feet (2.4 m) tall, with a 4 foot 6 inch (1.3m) nose and the mouth is 3 feet (1m) wide.

This is another popular photo spot where you can get up close and see the Statue of Liberty is made of copper. This is how she looked for years before turning green.

The Statue of Liberty turned green through a process known as oxidization.  For those that are interested, further inside the museum the process of oxidization is discussed.

2. Who designed the Statue of Liberty, who came up with the idea & why?

You’ll meet Edouard de Laboulaye, the the man who presented the idea of giving a gift to the United States to celebrate democracy and freedom on our 100th birthday,

and August Frederic Bartholdi, the sculptor who made Laboulaye’s vision a reality.


3. The Symbolism And Design of The Statue.

Find out what her physical appearance represents.


4. A Full Scale Reproduction of The Foot

This is another great place for photos, and shows the rivets that hold the copper in place. How many rivets are there, and how many pieces of copper do they hold?

Also, look closely and you’ll see she is wearing sandals. The sandal is 25 feet (7.6m) long and she wears a size 879 U.S. women’s shoe, that’s approximately 100 times the size of the average woman’s shoe.

 5. Techniques and Tools

See the statue take shape.  Find out how the copper was hand forged and hammered to create the outer skin, a technique known as repousse; and see what tools were used to do it.


6. Meet Gustav Eiffel

The famous french engineer recognized for his iconic Eiffel Tower. He designed the statue’s internal support structure, often referred to as a mini Eiffel Tower.  Across from Mr. Eiffel you will have the opportunity to see, and touch, his work, the original pieces of iron that were removed and replaced during one of Lady Liberty’s many renovations.

 7. Who Paid For The Statue?

It was France – but how did they raise the money and how much did it cost?  It’s all inside the museum.

The U.S. had to pay for the pedestal and all the construction on Liberty Island.  How did they raise the money?

8. How Did She Get Here?

By sea, of course, but in whole or in pieces, and what happened to her when she arrived?

 9. Meet Emma Lazarus

You may not know her name but you might recognize her words from her Statue of Liberty poem entitled, “The New Colossus,” she wrote,

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp before the golden door!”


10. Immigrant Stories

Through their letters and oral accounts find out what the statue represents to them.

 That’s just the highlights of the Statue of Liberty Exhibit and there is more interesting and important information inside the museum that will certainly compliment your Statue of Liberty visit so I encourage you to see what’s inside.

 Please consider one of our guide tours of the Statue of Liberty.  To help you get more out of a visit I’ve condensed the museum into a short, entertaining and interactive experience that highlights what you need to know about Lady Liberty to make the trip more fun and memorable.  It’s perfect for families with children or any visitor who wants to get more from the Statue of Liberty experience. 

Please click this link to learn why our experience and know-how makes our Guided Tours of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the best way to visit the monument.  We’re proud of what our guests are saying so please click the Trip Advisor button in the page header to read their feedback.  If you prefer to visit The State of Liberty on your own an audio tour is available through The National Park Service.

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