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Of all the places to see in New York, Central Park offers the most refreshing respite from the bustling city. One can spend days exploring the park’s 843 acres, with each turn revealing a new oasis. Here are three highlights that we consider to be the best spots in Central Park.

Strawberry Fields & Bethesda Terrace

These two must-see locations are often the first stops on any Central Park walking tour.

The 2.5 acres making up Strawberry Fields(opens in a new tab) are dedicated to preserving John Lennon’s legacy as a visionary of world peace. The centerpiece is a tile mosaic that reads “IMAGINE.” People from all over the world flock to decorate this memorial to John Lennon with colorful flowers, and often enjoy street musicians strumming their guitars and singing Beatles tunes.

Bethesda Terrace(opens in a new tab) is considered the heart of Central Park, and you will immediately recognize it from virtually every movie and television show ever filmed in NYC, whether it’s Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Enchanted, The Avengers, Gossip Girl, or Doctor Who. This photographic mecca is home to stunning architecture(opens in a new tab), a beautiful overlook of the lake where you can rent rowboats on sunny days, and the famous “Angel of the Waters”(opens in a new tab) sculpture.

Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo(opens in a new tab) is one of the best places in Central Park for kids! In addition to recognizing it from the movie Madagascar, kids will delight in the daily sea lion shows, the roar of grizzly bears, and the stealthy walk of the snow leopard. Just outside the zoo, guests are always enchanted by the Delacorte Musical Clock, which, every hour, on the hour, features dancing animals twirling to music.

The Ramble

If you seek nature-filled Central Park walks, the Ramble is where you want to be! This is a birdwatching paradise(opens in a new tab), where over 230 different bird species have been spotted! As you wander the circuitous paths, you might stumble upon the picturesque Ramble Stone Arch(opens in a new tab) or Azalea Pond(opens in a new tab) accented by bright floral blooms. You will emerge refreshed and ready to conquer the City that Never Sleeps.

If we’ve succeeded in piquing your interest and you want to know more, join our guided Central Park Walking Tour(opens in a new tab), or alternatively, contact us via the form below to plan a private tour and customize your own itinerary.

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