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One of the most interesting facts about New York City is that the best way to get around is the subway. If the tracks were laid end to end it would cover the distance between New York and Chicago!(opens in a new tab)

The NYC subway is cheap, safe, and fast. Because no one wants to be stuck in NYC traffic, locals know that if you’re in a hurry, take the subway instead of a cab!

Here is what you need to know to navigate the subway system:

Know Your Subway Stations

There are 472 New York subway stations spread out amongst the five boroughs. The key to not getting lost is a little extra planning(opens in a new tab), make note of which subway station is nearest to where you are staying, and which subway station is nearest to your destination. Most sights list the nearest subway on their website.

There are 27 main subway lines in NYC. Make note of exactly which subway lines you expect to use on a given day. If your destination is on a different line than where you began, look at a subway map to discover where you can transfer trains. When in doubt, Times Square-42nd Street is usually a safe bet, as 13 different trains pass through this New York subway station.

It can be confusing, but you’ll get the hang of it and be riding like a local in no time! City Tales tour guides will be able to help you out(opens in a new tab) as well!

Best Subway Pass for Tourists

The best subway pass for tourists is the weekly unlimited MetroCard(opens in a new tab). For $32, you get unlimited rides. This will allow you to see as much of the city as possible during your stay, and have lots of money left over to spend on pizza(opens in a new tab)!

Look for the Hidden Street Art

One reason why this transport system is a must for tourists in the Big Apple is the NYC subway art. Most locals overlook the giant Roy Lichtenstein mural(opens in a new tab) in the Times Square-42nd Street subway station. The 72nd Street B, C stations has a mosaic by Yoko Ono called SKY. If you love Weimaraners, check out  William Wegman’s “Stationary Figures” at the 23rd Street F, M station.  The art in the New York subways stations rivals that in any museum. The best way to discover it all is by booking a tour. Contact us via the form below to plan a customized subway tour!

Private Tour

Fill in the form below for a free custom tour proposal based on your needs and interests. Alternatively, call our office to speak with an agent 1-347-464-8687.

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